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Over the past week, Jay-Z has been performing non-stop at the new Brooklyn Nets stadium where he sold out 8 shows in a matter of minutes. 

VIDEO: Jay-Z Opens The Barclays Center With Biggie Smalls 

Hundreds of thousands of fans from near and far have traveled to Brooklyn to see Jay-Z in concert, and after seven amazing shows, Jay is ready to spread love to all his fans, it’s the Brooklyn way.

Besides the opening night when he brought out Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z’s Barclay Center concerts have been a one-man show, but Jigga Man may have a surprise up his sleeve for the final call. 

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If you weren’t able to say hello to Brooklyn and see Jay-Z live at the Barclays center, you can tune in Saturday, October 6th at 9:30 pm EST to Jay-Z’s Life +Times channel, where it will be streaming live. 

Check out Jay-Z’s teaser above!