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We always hear stories of how giving birth, despite the reward, is one of the most painful experiences a woman can go through.

Well, apparently Kristin Cavallari would agree since she’s telling her friends about her labor experience.

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A source told Us Weekly that Kristin has been telling her pals that giving birth to her son Camden:

“hurt like a bitch and felt like period cramps, but 10 times worse”.

The labor process was so difficult for Kristin that doctors were forced to break her water!

Despite the pain she went through, Kristin also tells friends that “she would do it all over again”.

Everyone also wants to know how Kristin got her incredible post-baby body back after having Camden.

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The source told the site:

“She still has some weight to go on her stomach, but she is almost back!”

Kristin has a lot to be proud of and her little boy Camden is to show for it.