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Even though Mitt Romney said he would cut off funding to public broadcasting, which would include channels such as PBS, he hasn’t always been so harsh with them.

According to the Boston Globe, he happened to have helped them in the past significantly.

While as governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed a bill that created funding for WGBH and other companies that create shows that air on public television.

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The Boston Globe reports:

Boston public television giant WGBH­ received $4.2 million from the state’s film tax credit program last year alone for programs like “American Experience,” “Antiques Roadshow,” and “Nova.” And Watertown animation studio Soup2Nuts received about $300,000 in subsidies last year, mostly for the PBS series “WordGirl.”

A WGBH spokeswoman said of the bill:

“It has been very helpful for us to make our budget. That’s funding we would have to find elsewhere.”

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Through the bill, productions such as PBS qualified for more than $276 million in the first 5 years.

Ever since his statement about cutting the funding for PBS at the debate this past week, Romney’s been facing a lot of scrutiny over Big Bird’s status.

Will Romney have to eat his words?

SOURCE: Boston Globe