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50 Cent is like the big bully on the playground that you don’t want to bump heads with when you’re in middle school!

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After his camp had a very hands on altercation with MMG rapper Gunplay during the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards, 50 is now flaunting his victory by wearing Gunplay’s chain around town! 

We know how Fiddy does… cue Ja Rule’s ruined career in 2003. He is not satisfied with just beating you at your own game – reveling in his win is a must!

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Though we never condone any kind of violence, especially that of the Black on Black persuasion, we must say 50 has some wicked sense of humor.

He took Gunplay for what he’s worth… literally – and he wants to make sure everyone knows it!

Check out Fiddy having a good old merry time while bowling and rocking Gunplay’s chain in the short clip below:

SOURCE: YouTube || Photo Credit: WENN