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As we gear up for round two of the presidential debates tomorrow night, no one can forget how President Obama #failed in round one.

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The President failed to confront Mitt Romney on his track record, numerous gaffes and flip-flopping history. He also seemed disengaged and subdued during the first debate in Denver, much to the dismay of his supporters, who knew Obama could and should have done much better.  

Since the debate, Obama has dropped hints that the next time he faces off with his Republican challenger, he will be less polite and more aggressive. A spokeswoman from the Obama campaign also reaffirmed his plan to take shots at Romney’s record as the CEO of Bain Capital.  

While the President preps for the townhall-style debate tomorrow, we figured we’d help him out by going over five key points Barack needs to bring up.

So if you’re reading this, Mr. Obama, take this as a little cheat sheet that you should call Romney out on! 

1. Mitt’s “47 Percent” Comment:

Last month, a video surfaced showing Money Mitt trashing 47 percent of the nation as government dependent moochers and “victims” that he doesn’t plan to “worry” about, because he won’t “convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Soon after, and during the first debate, Romney contradicted himself and said that he cares about 100 percent of Americans.  

Obama reasoned that he didn’t bring this up before because everyone has already heard it, yet it proved to be effective when VP Joe Biden used it as a point of reference during his VP debate with Paul Ryan. And so Obama should do the same.

2. “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax!” – Kanye:

Obama should mention the fact that Money Mitt only paid a 14 percent tax rate on the $20 million that he made last year. Plus, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Mitt stated he sees nothing wrong with the fact that he pays less taxes than an average working Joe making $50,000 a year. Not to mention he still hasn’t released his own tax returns for his years at Bain. 

3. Romney, the Businessman:

When Obama brings up Money Mitt’s 10-year reign as the CEO of Bain Capital, he should point out that the company outsourced American jobs and laid off hundreds of thousands of workers.

4. He’s a Flip-Flopper: 

Since Mitt Romney’s political career began, he’s had a terrible record of flip-flopping on major issues in an attempt to pander to different audiences. He’s taken confusingly contrasting views on abortion, gun rights and universal healthcare.

5. Women’s Rights – Ring The Alarm!

Since running for the presidency, Romney has been a pro-life advocate who’s threatened to take away a woman’s right to choose by overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that gives women constitutional and legal rights to have an abortion. He also plans to defund Planned Parenthood, which offers low-income women access to free breast cancer screenings and safe alternatives to child bearing.

We believe in you, Obama, so don’t let us down!

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