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Brian Mulligan, a former Fox TV chairman and the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank, who filed a $50 million lawsuit against the LAPD after a brutal beat-down that left him virtually unrecognizable, was caught on tape admitting to using the bath salts drug known as “White Lightening.” 

STORY: Unrecognizable! Banking Big-Shot Brutally Beaten By LAPD 

Mulligan, who claimed the Los Angeles cops smacked him senseless and lied about bath salts in their report, was caught on tape admitting his use of the scary synthetic drug, just two days before his alleged May 15 beating.

Mulligan admitted to using “White Lightning” as many as 20 times, and feeling a growing sense of paranoia during an informal interview with a cop in the southern California city of Glendale, audio from the May 13 conversation shows.

As reported by The New York Daily News:

“I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I feel like there are people following me. I feel like there was a chopper. Do you hear a chopper?” Mulligan asks the Glendale officer.

“Probably my lawyer will kill me when I say this, but I, I went to a head shop, and I bought some of that White Lightning stuff,” he told the officer.

He confessed he “probably” snorted it 20 times and was scared it was damaging his brain because he felt paranoid even though the last time he used it was purportedly two weeks prior.

“You need to get on top of this before it gets on top of you,” the officer told Mulligan.

Two days after speaking with the Glendale cop, Mulligan sustained a broken nose and broken shoulder blade in a bizarre arrest on a street in northeastern Los Angeles.

A police source said the arresting officers had no choice but to use serious force because Mulligan took “a fighting stance” and “charged” at them in an apparent drug-fueled frenzy.

Mulligan, recently a managing director for Deutsche Bank, denied the bath salts claim contained in the officers’ report when his previous lawyer filed a $50 million claim against the city over the summer.

The Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file the case, as police are conducting an internal investigation of the use of force.


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