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The second presidential debate was certainly a thrilling one this past week as President Obama and Mitt Romney went head to head over key issues of the country.

While the answers were important, the debate itself became very entertaining, which has led to Saturday Night Live’s reenactment of the humor found in the event!

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With Jay Pharoah impersonating Obama and Jason Sudeikis channeling Mitt Romney, the debate already started getting heated by the first question over each other’s salaries.

Romney once even told Obama:

Why don’t you go sit down. Before I beat you with my paycheck.”

The two made sure to interrupt each other at any moment possible so that they could bicker over any range of random topic.

Plenty of ridiculous questions were asked by the mock students of the crowd watching the debate, with the last question going to Tom Hanks.

He told the candidates:

“This is really a pretty good question,” Hanks said before fiddling with a piece of paper. “I just say by way of a warning — you better buckle your seat belts because this question is about to blow your mind.”

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Instead of saying an actual question, Tom just said “Libya.” for his final thought.

It’s definitely a hilarious remake of the presidential event, so watch for yourself in the video above!