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We’re now days away from Election Day, a the day that will decide the fate of the country for the next four years.  

STORY: Obama Says He’s Confident About A Second Term & Calls Romney A “Bullsh—er” In Rolling Stone 

In the build up to the November election, we’ve seen a vicious attack on voter ID rights since the pre-Civil Rights Era. Republican state legislatures pushed to make it harder to vote in over thirty states by mandating voters to bring government issue photo ID.  Luckily, HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization that works with artists to register young voters, has created a cool and user-friendly map to show what each state requires voters to bring with them to the polls. All you have to do is click on your state to find out more information. It’s that easy and it’s pretty cool, so give it a try below and share this on your Facebook and Twitter pages!

It’s important for not only you to get out the vote, but we have to encourage our family, friends and neighbors to do the same!

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