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Two women in Buffalo, NY recently rented cars from a Thrifty rental car place recently found ‘Vote For The American’ bumper stickers on their car.

According to the Huffington Post, the women were told by employees that the stickers were put on the car from the franchise owner.

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The employees also revealed that the owner told the staff to vote for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election.

One of the women, Barbara Wingate, told the Post in an email:

“We noticed a bumper sticker on the car and in the dark lot we thought it was a promotion to “buy American” — but didn’t think about it until the next morning when we went to the car for additional luggage. After reading it, we realized what it said/meant and were horrified.”

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Wingate also told the site that she was “embarrassed”, and was more embarrassed by what the controversial sticker actually said, rather than the fact that it endorsed Romney.

SOURCE: Huffington Post