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Benjamin Bishop, 18, shot and killed his mother and her boyfriend while they lay in bed, and then called the police to confess to the murders.

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The murder followed a series of arguments between Bishop, his mom, Imari Shibata. and boyfriend Kelley Allen on Saturday night at their Florida home.

Ben’s mother told him to get a job, start taking his schizophrenia medication and start paying rent, according to a Sheriff’s report.

Accordng to baynews9.com:

Police say Bishop has a history of drug use and mental health problems and recently spent 10 months receiving inpatient treatment for addiction to bath salts and other drugs. He was released in September and moved back in with his mother and Allen.

According to Sheriff Bob Gualtieri “There appears to have been a triggering event (Saturday)…Bishop’s) mother told him he needed to make sure he was taking his medication, needed to get a job and needed to start paying rent.

“Apparently, Benjamin became very upset with his mother because he didn’t like the medication. He felt the medication was killing him, so he decided he was going to kill his mother and her boyfriend.”

Bishop obtained the shotgun by pawning electronics, Gualtieri said. Because he is on probation stemming from another domestic incident with his mother, Bishop had a friend buy the gun.

This kid was obviously unstable and probably should have not been released, as he definitely needed more treatment.

SOURCE: BayNews9

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