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The latest polls show that the President and his opponent Mitt Romney are locked in dead heat with only one week left until the November election.

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The latest Washington Post/ABC News daily tracking poll finds that each candidate is receiving support from 49 percent of likely voters. That’s a one point jump for President Obama who trailed behind Romney on Sunday. However, Romney is in the lead among independent voters who back him by 53 percent and back Obama by 43 percent.

The polls find that the contestants are running neck and neck in key swing states like Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin which are also deadlocked, with 49 percent backing Obama to 48 for Romney. 

Romney also had an edge over Obama on the issue of the economy, but more voters believe Obama would do more to help the middle class. The Hill reports:

However, voters also believe Obama would do more to favor the middle class than the wealthy, with independents saying Romney’s policies would more aid the rich more by 48 to 38 percent. Sixty-four percent of independents say Obama would favor the middle class.

Registered voters give Obama a net positive on his performance as president with 51 percent approving and 46 disapproving. 

This is an extremely tight race where every vote counts. Make sure you get out and vote–and remember, the earlier you vote, the better!

SOURCE: The Hill