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Birds of a feather truly do flock together–at least when it comes to Mitt Romney and his poor people bashing cronies!

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Yesterday, Money Mitt urged Iowa voters to support GOP congressional runner John Archer, a candidate who trashed half the nation as government dependents in the same manner that Romney did during his infamous “47 percent” gaffe. “You’ve had the chance, I know, to get to know John Archer, who’s a candidate for Congress. Want to make sure John gets elected again,” said Romney during the campaign rally.   

This is actually the first time that Archer is running for congress, however he suffered from a backlash of criticism earlier this year after he stated that 50 percent of Americans are mooching off the government during a radio interview. 

“Some of our weaknesses here in America, you have an entitlement society. You have 50 percent of the American population now believes that they are entitled to a government handout. That’s a real weakness.”

Both GOP candidates have made it clear what they only think about half the nation, now it’s time for us to show what we think about them in the polls!

SOURCE: BuzzFeed