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Hurricane Sandy has made lives around the NYC/NJ area a lot more difficult, so many citizens don’t even have time to think about heading to the polls to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

It turns out NJ Governor Chris Christie has much sympathy for his citizens, being that he announced yesterday that they will have the ability to vote by email if they wish.

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Although it may seem like the best solution, voters will be giving up their promise of casting a secret ballot. They must sign a waiver that says that election officials can see who they voted for.

This is the first time a Presidential election has allowed votes to be casted through email for regular citizens who are not living abroad or in the military.

BuzzFeed reports:

The New Jersey directive also isn’t quite as high-tech as it sounds: The ballot must be signed, meaning that voters who aren’t sophisticated enough to paste their signatures onto a digital file will have to print and scan the ballots.

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Maybe this is the start of a new way of voting for the future.

We hope that everyone is able to vote, despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed