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History was made yesterday as over a million protestors showed up to march in the “Million Muppet March” on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

The march, that was planned last month by Sesame Street, brought out many of distraught protestors who were not fans of Mitt Romney‘s plan on cutting PBS from television if elected President.

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Protestors dressed in full muppet costume, with one man wearing a costume that was of Big Bird holding Mitt Romney in a trash can.

Many children and fans of the hit TV series were also in attendance to make sure the message came across loud and clear.

Million Puppet March” co-organizer Michael Bellavia said:

It’s not just “Sesame Street.” We’re saying we want to support the whole ecosystem of public media – everything from the TV side, to radio, to all the Internet media that gets produced.

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It will be very interesting to see if this protest plays a part in the upcoming Presidential election this week.

Check out the gallery for comical photos from the protest.

SOURCE: Examiner