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Following Hurricane Sandy, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he will sign an executive order allowing displaced New Yorkers to vote in any polling place.

The Gov. announced that registered voters in Rockland and Westchester County, along with Long Island residents, can vote in tomorrow’s election by affidavit ballot anywhere in New York State.

As reported by NBC News:

Gov. Cuomo has signed an executive order allowing affidavit voting for displaced voters. Such voters may go to any polling place, sign an affidavit and vote in that polling location. (Races for any local district in which the voter is not registered will not count.)

In New York City, some schools and other buildings designated as polling sites suffered damage or loss of power in Superstorm Sandy. The city Board of Elections is advising voters to check its website for the latest information on polling sites.

Voters can enter a New York City address into the site’s poll locator to learn the polling place for that address. Monday’s information on poll sites came with the stipulation, “as of 11/05/2012.” This is a good look for Cuomo and good news for Obama. If we vote, we win!