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Social media has changed the face of the world we live in today.

So on this historical Election Day in America, we want to know what the people are doing! We wanted to see what everyone’s talking about and which candidate is moving the crowds. 

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What we found was rather astonishing. They say men lie, women lie, but number don’t, and the numbers on Instagram tell a very interesting story. 

This morning we searched some key trending terms to find out who was getting the early jump on the voting. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s a social network where people upload pictures of their lives to tell a story. 

An in depth search of some election based trends on Twitter gave us a good look at what the people were talking about. So take a look at some of the pictures and check out our numbers and predictions below!

#VoteRomney – 6,000

#VoteObama – 46,000

#VotedForRomney – 9 

#VotedForObama – 48 

#ObamaForPresident – 7000

#RomneyForPresident – 3000

#Mitt – 75,000

#Barack – 27,000

#FourMoreYears – 15,000

#NoBama – 68,000

#Obama – 780,000

#Romney – 187,000

Once we crunch the numbers, we see Barack Obama has the overall lead. However, when it comes to first names, Mitt has Barack, but when it comes to last names, it’s not even close. While NoBama has more than #FourMoreYears, #ObamaForPresident beats #RomneyForPresident by a landslide.

On Instagram it appears like the country is leaning towards Obama, but we’ll have to wait for the polls to close to be sure!

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