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On Tuesday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney lost the presidential election to Barack Obama, a campaign that he’s been running for over the last six years.

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There’s no doubt that he and the Romney team took the defeat hard. After Obama’s win was announced, it took Romney over an hour to concede the election, as his team denied the tallied results were accurate.  

So after spending years and millions of dollars to campaign for country’s highest office, the question remains: what should he do now? 

According to the HuffPo, Romney will be spending the upcoming days with his family of 5 grown sons and 18 grandchildren. Ann Romney also made it clear during a number of interviews that this was the last and final time her husband would aim for the White House. However, the Romney team has not provided any insight into what the defeated candidate has lined up next.  

Until then, we can only speculate about what Mitt’s move will be and the contribution he will make in the GOP for the future.

SOURCE: Huffington Post