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Kristen Stewart was never really the “it” fashion girl. 

Sure, the then-teenager was the focus of an unimaginable number of magazine interviews, covers and other things of the sort, but she never really embodied the super star pizzazz that young Hollywood needed. 

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While the likes of Dakota and Elle Fanning were becoming major style stars, Kristen was way more comfortable in her sneakers with evening gowns and unkempt hair, until big girl problems came knocking. 

Following a few weeks out of the spotlight to deal with the personal problems related to the publication of her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Kristen reemerged at the Toronto Film Festival looking more stunning than we have ever seen her in a beaded floral dress. 

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Since then, the Twilight star hasn’t looked back! Gone are the days of sneakers on the red carpet, Kristen allowed big girl trouble to force her into a more womanly role, and the style world is loving every minute of it. 

From sitting front row during Paris Fashion Week next to Anna Wintour, to donning Louis Vuitton rompers, raise your glasses in celebration of Kristen’s new style. 

You know the saying; good things have to sometimes come from something bad! Check out our favorite looks from Kristen in the gallery above.