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It takes a big, tough man to walk up to Jay-Z and talk him down.

Robert De Niro is a big, tough man.

According to a spy at Page 6, Robert De Niro got ticked off at Hov at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party recently. Apparently, Robert has tried calling Jay multiple times, and the rapper never bothered to return the phone calls.

In front of everyone, Robert called the rapper out on it, even calling him “rude.”

DETAILS: The Fight For NY: Robert De Niro Confronts Jay-Z At NY Party 

If anyone could get away with an action like this, it’s Robert De Niro, a man who is arguably bigger than Jay-Z in New York.

This whole incident had us thinking who is the bigger force, or, better yet, who is the biggest gangster: Jay-Z or De Niro?

There is strong evidence for both. Scroll, take a look and vote on who is the biggest gangster of NYC.

Is it “Can’t Knock the Hustle,” tailored suit wearing Jay-Z. Or…

…Robert De Niro as Yung Vito Corleone from The Godfather 2?

Is It bulletproof wearing Jay-Z from “Streets is Watching?” Or …

…psychopathic, porno-loving Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver?

Is it shirtless, Crystal-drinking Jay-Z from “In My Lifetime?” Or…

…super buff, straight outta prison Max Cady from Cape Fear?

Is it hit a dude over the head with a liquor bottle Jay-Z from 1999? Or…

…Russian roulette-loving Sergeant. Michael “Mike” Vronsky from Deer Hunter

Is it durag-wearing Jay-Z from Volume 3? Or…

…career criminal Jimmy Conway from Goodfellas?

Is it “all-black everything” Jay-Z from “99 Problems?” Or…

…crazy bat-swinging Al Capone that Robert played in The Untouchables

Is it Jay-Z from American Gangster? Or…

…badass always-shooting Neil McCauley from Heat

Is It O.G., super rich Jay-Z? Or…

…goofy, pot-smoking Louis Gara from Jackie Brown

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