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Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

No, that wasn’t the name of two competitors in one of the internationally historical Olympic games, but it is still known around the world.

Those two names represent the main male characters of the book-into-movie series Twilight, and unfortunately, they’re probably more prominent in history than any team from any Olympics.

Ever since the magical world of Harry Potter, and a representation of nearly my entire childhood, ended last year, the craze over Twilight has just gotten worse.

No, not better…worse.

The hype behind Twilight has been nothing but misery for a person like myself, who went through their last years of high school, and even some years of college, watching girls obsess over these fictional characters.

Don’t get me wrong, I encourage passion, and I encourage supporting something that others may not understand. But I can’t stand when it’s shoved down non-supporters’ throats.

Years ago, most of the Twilight stans would have nothing better to talk about than whether I was Team Edward or Team Jacob, and who the hell I think Bella should choose. (For the record, I think she shouldn’t have to choose either. She should find a normal boyfriend and have a human child, maybe after a few years of higher education. But that’s besides the point.)

It doesn’t even seem like I am alone in feeling this way either. In almost every interview that’s done with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, Robert makes sure to troll the interview somehow.

I mean c’mon, there’s even a tumblr page called RobertPattinsonHatesTwilight! The page is just full of gifs where Rob trolls the seriousness of the interviews. At the premiere of the final movie of the series, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 this past week, they asked Rob what he had to say for possibly his last Twilight interview. He responded:

“I really need to go to the bathroom!”

There you have it, folks.

If the main male lead of the movie trolls his own interviews out of boredom from talking endlessly about it, then that should say something about it releasing its own toxins into the world.

So let’s all say a little rest in peace to all of the obnoxious “Team __________” shirts, posters, and even BLANKETS that never have, and still won’t, convince me that Twilight was worthy of seeing more than once (if that).

Maybe now all of those girls who camped out for weeks to see Bella and Edward together in person can get back to living a normal, healthy life again.

It is definitely an epidemic that will be remembered, but unfortunately the memories come to me along with many eye rolls, sighs, and headshakes.

It’s time to put it to rest girls … and boys.

Good riddance Twilight!

Lindsey India 

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