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There comes a time in every relationship when things need to come to an end for the sake of both parties. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reached that point. Last week, the couple broke up over Justin pow-wowing around with Victoria’s Secret models, and since then, they have broken up and gotten back together every single day. 

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Friday break up, Saturday back together staying in the hotel. Sunday she blocks his number, Monday they go out to dinner with friends. Tuesday she puts Justin on a rocket to Mars. Wednesday they’re playing “This Old Man” together in a crater on the red planet.

My mind explodes. 

When I was 18 years old, I cheated on my high school sweetheart. She had been at my house waiting for me to come home and I was out doing God knows what, with a girl whose name I couldn’t remember to save my life. My girl spent hours calling my phone and I ignored every single call. I should have felt guilty, but I was hell bent on finishing what I was doing.  

When I arrived home, I saw my girl crying her eyes out and I knew in my heart that I should have moved on.

I knew I wasn’t done playing the field, I knew I didn’t want to be with one woman, I knew she would never forgive me, but still I held on. 

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I pretended like I wanted it to work, but I didn’t tell myself I would stop cheating, I told myself I wouldn’t get caught again. The only thing is, she knew this too. Soon she went away to a university out of state, and I got the shock of my life to find out she was seeing someone else. 

I was crushed. Looking back I should have called it quits. I didn’t realize it at the time, and it wasn’t until this morning while having a conversation with my friend Vicky Misha that it dawned on me: 18 year olds do not know how to love. 

At that moment, I saw my former relationship when I thought about what Justin and Selena are going through now. Young love on the brink of ending, while both of them are desperately try to hold on, because they are blinded by the good times of the past. 

I didn’t see the signs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t, because they are all there. TMZ reports that Justin thinks it’s best for them to be friends, but they are out arm-in-arm last night.

Here are 5 Signs That It’s Time To End This Rollercoaster Romance:

— When your girlfriend starts to lock you out of the house, its time to make your next move.

— When you get to the point when a date with someone else is a better option than a date with the person you’re with. 

— When crying becomes the direct result of all conversation with the person. 

— When you find yourself unable to move on from the incident that hurt you. 

— When the majority of your time together is spent breaking up and getting back together again. 

While it’s easy for me to sit here and give advice and suggestions, that decision comes from them. Hopefully they can make things work, but if not, it’s always better to end it as friends, then to continue holding on until you hurt each other so bad, that love turns to hate. 

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