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Russell Brand took on the Westboro Baptist Church, a religious group that’s been linked to homophobia, on his FX talk show. 

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The funny British comedian offered the Westboro Baptist Church members the opportunity to defend and explain their anti-gay stance during the interview. Their church is infamous for anti-gay protest and using picketing signs with phrases like “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”  

At the beginning of their interview, the religious duo presented Brand with a sign that read “Fag Pimp Brand,” which the host accepted with light-hearted humor. The interviewees used Bible verses to argue why gays are immorally unjust and will burn in hell along with straights who don’t live their life for Christ.

However, Brand practiced patience and respect toward the church-goers homophobic rhetoric, while staying true to his comedic nature and throwing in jokes from time to time. He also commended them for being brave enough to talk about their unpopular religious views on his program. 

Watch the intense interview above!

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