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Today US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi announced that Israel has agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas after a week of violent tension.

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The ceasefire is scheduled to take effect at 9 pm, Cairo time and 2pm ET. Both sides agreed to call a truce, but Clinton will help the Palestinians and Israelis reach a consensus on the terms of the agreement during a second round of talks. “There is no substitute for a just and lasting peace,” said Clinton.  

According to Reuters, the truce guarantees an end to “assassinations” and “incursions” and it will ease movement of Palestinians. However, Israel will not lift their blockade.

Reuters also reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu confirmed with President Obama that he is willing to give ceasefire a chance, but he warned that Israel will resort to military force if it fails.

We are so glad that the violence in Gaza will finally come to an end after eight days of fighting which has killed over 140 Palestinians and five Israelis.

SOURCE: Reuters