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Chris Brown. 

The infamy coupled with the fame that surround that name means the 23-year-old R&B artist needs little to no introduction and last night, the Twitterverse proved it again.

In case you missed it, Chris Brown went on a Twitter spree versus Jenny Johnson, a comedy writer who has been known to take stabs at the singer on Twitter following his domestic dispute with Rihanna in 2009. 

Since the Lambo incident, three Grammy award ceremonies have come and gone, Rihanna became a good girl gone all the way bad, sprinkled with a bit of Matt Kemp and Karrueche (and a number of reconciliations later), the public still isn’t over the battering that landed Breezy in cuffs…and rightfully so. 

Sure, time has passed…Rihanna has forgiven him, and she even sided with Chris in the exchange – a plethora of abused women re-enter into their abusive cycles – but that isn’t what this blog is about. This blog isn’t about my opinion on whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown should be sneaking around like school kids on tour buses and private jets—I could really give less of a shit – this blog is about Chris Brown’s responsibility as a celebrity, as a singer, an artist and an all around public figure. This is about Chris accepting the rewards that come with the fame, while believing that he should be spared from the scrutiny that comes with being in the spotlight.This is about Chris Brown accepting his responsibility.

Chris Brown cites Michael Jackson as one of his biggest inspirations. Michael has endured a double serving of backlash for his allegations, but could you ever picture MJ (Peter Pan bless his soul) on a social network bantering with a writer after tossing Bubbles off his lap? I sure couldn’t.

Fame isn’t free. It comes with money, nice cars, women by the abundance and an army of “yes men,” but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to comply. No.

What does Chris Brown owe Jenny? Nothing, not a red cent or a Coke and a smile, and no, I will not back her decision to argue with the singer, but he definitely should have kept his sexually charged responses to himself.

If he wanted to get as blatantly immature as he did, he could have taken a number of approaches at hitting below the belt. Say her haircut sucks, call her out on her career, heck, tell her that her armpits smell or maybe do something as mind-blowingly insane and mature as ignoring her, just don’t take the route taken yesterday.

There is something so wrong about a man who committed domestic abuse begging the world for forgiveness for his “mistake,” while proving time and time again that being a misogynist is his crutch. 

Chris Brown told this woman he would shit in her retina. He made sexual innuendos and time and time again, insisted she give him head while he ease his body. He called this woman out of her name and relied on language that proved one more time that his respect for women isn’t where it should be.

How are we supposed to “just get over” Chris Brown’s past behavior if he continues to fall into the traps that trolling web users calculatedly set up for him?

This isn’t about the media not letting Chris live because he is a black man (That is also a blog for another time) this is Chris acting out once again, and pouring the gasoline on the violent forest fire and expecting everyone to feel sorry for the poor little rich boy, and I refuse to look at him as if he is a victim. Was Jenny wrong? If that’s what I am expected to say then I will, but Chris Brown is not a child incapable of producing articulate responses to criticism. He is a grown man who is paid very handsomely with a team of people aiding him in his every day decisions. Every action has a re-action and Chris Brown needs to wake up and think about the effects of his own. 

If he wants to play the bad boy role, he needs to put on his big boy undies and accept the scrutiny that comes with it. 

Rachel Hislop

Rachel is the Associate Editor and Senior Style Writer for, proud graduate of a SUNY school, and as sarcastic as they come. Follow her on Twitter for random daily ramblings @MiissHislop

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