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All eyes are on Chris Brown after his latest blow up, and Breezy is feeling like it’s him against the world. 

The “Look At Me Now” singer had a lot on his mind after he deleted his Twitter following a public war of words this weekend with a comedic writer who had been harassing him. 

DETAILS: The Responsibility Of Chris Brown

The 23-year-old pop star uploaded a series of pictures on his Instagram that gave people a glimpse into how Breezy might be feeling – one of which explains the awkward moment that left him feeling like Tupac.

Tupac was known for his controversial remarks and his Me Against The World attitude towards life before he was gunned down and murdered. 

Chris has faced a lot of criticism for his remarks towards comedian Jenny Johnson, who repeatedly called him a piece of shit, before Breezy fired back with some pretty horrific commentary. The View hostess Elisabeth Hasselbeck even called Brown’s comments verbal rape

Whatever people think, one of Chris’s drawings actually says it all, it’s called ‘Judgement Day’ – check it out in the accompanying gallery. 

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