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Thug life is dead. Tupac killed it. 

Sure, it was tattooed across his stomach, but it died a long time ago. 

“That Thug Life shit…I did it, I put in my work, I laid it down. But now that shit is dead.” — Tupac 

Despite the murder that Pac committed of his lifestyle, the ghost of Thug Life lives on through so many celebrities today, including Chris Brown. The Carpe Diem singer posted a picture of himself that eerily resembled the slain legend. Bandana tied to the front, the way Pac made it famous, a day after he claimed the only person who could relate to him was dead. That person was Tupac Amaru Shakur.

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While the similarities between the two could be debated for hours, there is one thing about Pac that I would like for Breezy to adopt: Pac’s ability to be as candid and honest as possible. 

During an interview with Vibe Magazine, Pac spoke more candidly than any other celeb in modern memory. From saying he only got seven grand to lay a verse, to mentioning he was broke and describing getting shot in vivid detail, Tupac bared his soul. 

“I had my eyes closed, but I was shaking, because the situation had me shaking. And then I felt something on the back of my head, something real strong. I thought they stomped me or pistol-whipped me and they were stomping my head against the concrete. I saw white, just white,” he said. 

Then after Pac recited every detail of the night he was shot 5 times, admitting that he was scared – something no rapper would ever do today – the Vibe reporter simply asked, “Can we talk about the rape case at all?”

Pac said “okay” and went in.

He told every detail of how the woman wanted to have sex with him, how she sucked his dick on the floor and even how his boys were mad he didn’t let them know he got some. The next day his friends made him call the girl. He told the story of what happened next and withheld nothing – even though those truths might have landed him in jail. 

“We get in the room, I’m laying on my stomach, she’s massaging my back,” Pac said. “I turn around. She starts massaging my front. This lasted for about a half an hour. In between, we would stop and kiss each other. I’m thinking she’s about to give me another blow job. But before she could do that, some niggas came in, and I froze up more than she froze up. If she would have said anything, I would have said, “Hold on, let me finish.” But I can’t say nothing, because she’s not saying nothing. How do I look saying, “Hold on”? That would be like I’m making her my girl.

So they came and they started touching her ass. They going, “Oooh, she’s got a nice ass.” Nigel isn’t touching her, but I can hear his voice leading it, like, “Put her panties down, put her pantyhose down.” I just got up and walked out the room.”

Pac didn’t know what happened, he said he woke up hours later and the girl screamed on him saying, “I came to see you. You let them do this to me.”

Pac stated he didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s flawed logic of the kind that, I’m sad to say, haunts Chris Brown. 

It’s facts like this that have me torn. While I think Chris gets a bad rap, I wish he was more like Pac. I wish he would tell the truth about what happened that night and stop running from the facts and let people hate him for the truth. Not what they think happened. He should at least be judged on his truth. 

When he was interviewed by Larry King, Chris’s replies were much different from Tupac’s candid details of truth. When Larry King asked Breezy what happened, he said:

“Well, Larry, I’d just say, I guess that night it was just one of the nights I wish I could just take back and — and I really regret and I feel totally ashamed of what I did.”

His answer was vague. General. Lax. 

I ride for Breezy. He is locked in a love triangle and I ain’t mad at him. When he feels like the world is against him, cool, the world is against him. But if he is going to compare himself to Tupac, then I want him to be as honest, candid and open as Tupac has always been. 

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Once he does, I feel like the world will no longer be against him. The world will see his side and understand him more. They will judge him more in his words than on what they think. 

Sure, the saying goes, “Only God can judge me now,” but we all know that the world’s judgment can weigh much heavier on your soul. 

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