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If you’re looking for an awesome movie to watch this weekend, Killing Them Softly is definitely a must-see. Not only is the title provocative enough to get the people going, but a film starring Brad Pitt already lets you know some exceptional acting is involved!

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Not wise to Killing Them Softly?  Well, it’s adapted from George V. Higgins’ novel Cogan’s Trade, and takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brad Pitt plays the role of Jackie Cogan, a professional hitman who investigates a heist that transpires during a mob-protected high-stakes poker game. Yeah, that’s pretty much the synopsis.

And once you check out the trailer, the words “I like to kill them softly from a distance,” will just echo through the recesses of your mind like every epic movie quote ever uttered.

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But we’ve seen one too many movies to know that it takes a lot to kill a person, so much so, that GlobalGrind decided to shoot from the hip – pun intended – and compile a Killing Them Softly playlist for Mr. J. Cogan.

Killing is morally wrong, but we think Brad Pitt’s character is so badass he deserves a few songs that will get him in the zone. Besides you can kill…kill time by taking a listen to them down below!

La Roux “Going In For The Kill”  – “I’m going in for the kill/ I’m doing it for a thrill/ Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand/ And not let go of my hand.”

Cypress Hill “How I Could Just Kill A Man” – “Here’s an example, just a little sample/ How I could just kill a man/ One-time tried to come in my home, take my chrome, I said Yo, it’s on/ Take cover son or you’re ass-out/ How you like my chrome/ Then I watched the rookie pass out.”

Rihanna “Man Down” – “It’s a 22/ I call her Peggy Sue/ When she fits right down in my shoes, what you expect me to do/ If you’re playing me for a fool, I will lose my cool/ And reach for my fire arm.”

Eminem “Kill You” – “B***h I’ma kill you/ You don’t wanna f**k with me/ Girls neither, you ain’t nothing but a slut to me/ B***h I’ma kill you/ You ain’t got the balls to beef/ We ain’t gonna never stop beefing/ I don’t squash the beef.”

GG Allen “I Wanna Kill You” – “I want to kill the kill/ And take a worthless life/ I want to kill the pigs/ That bust us all the time/ Wanna kill the judge/ Kill the priests too/ Wanna destroy/ Kill you.”

50 Cent “I’m Supposed To Die Tonight” – “This is nothin’ new/ I been in this position before/ Grandma crib, n***as outside of her door/ Different day, same shit, old mac, new clip/ Thirty two hollow tips, gloves, no rubber grip/ I’m a boss, but n***as never show no respect/ I catch ’em slippin’, I have ’em tongue kissin’ my tec.”

Lil Wayne “I Told Ya’ll” – “Break in a n***a car at the light/ Put the gun to his head, make him park on the right/ And Then I tell him don’t talk/ Make him get out and walk/ And then I tell my goons get right in/ When you f***in’ with a n***a like me, no homo but you f***in’ with a ridah.”

Tupac “When We Ride On Our Enemies” – “Come take a journey through my mind’s eye/ You crossed the game/ Don’t explain/ N***a time to die/ Say goodbye, watch my eyes when I pull the trigger/ So right before you die, you bow before a bigger n***a/ Now dry your eyes.”

John Mayer “Assassin” – “You get in, you get done/ And then you get gone/ You never leave a trace or show your face, you get gone/ Should have turned around, and left before the sun came up again/ But the sun came up again.”

The Fugees “Killing Me Softly” – “Strumming my pain with his fingers/ Singing my life with his words/ Killing me softly with his song/ Killing me softly with his song/ Telling my whole life with his words/ Killing me softly with his song.”

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