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Chad Johnson made his bed and now he’s lying in it. 

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The former Miami Dolphins wide receiver stopped by ESPN’s ‘First Take with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith’ to tell the world he’s a changed man. 

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During this very entertaining interview, Chad explains why he continues to apologize for the events that cost him everything.

“I made mistakes as we all have, but don’t crucify me because we all sin differently. Because we all do.”

Chad admitted to cheating and also that he got physical with his wife Evelyn Lozada. He also goes on to say that while this story has been played out in the public eye, he has some opinions on that as well.

“Think about my life in general? What have I ever done in private? Think about it? Nothing. Not my marriage, not the way I play the game, not the way I live my life. So when things go sour it should be the same way. It should be out there in the public eye. I am no saint. I am no angel. I never proclaimed to be. I was squeaky clean for a long time which is why i was able to get away with some of the stuff I’ve done.”

Chad seems to be a man who knows what’s he’s done and hopefully, will be able to find his redemption. Take a look at the interview above. 

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