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12/12/12 is the last day of our lifetime we will see the same number in the month, day and year, but this year is special for another reason. 
2012 is the birth of KimYe. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian started dating with a bang. Someone spotted them together at a restaurant and then the paparazzi caught them on a 3-day date: shopping, dinner, his house, breakfast and FAO Schwarz, of all places.  

So this year, the year Barack Obama won re-election, Pacquaio got knocked out, Twilight ended and Hunger Games began, we look back at the birth of KimYe. All 8 months, or maybe a little bit more. From the first time they held hands, to the first time they ended up on Instagram, to that time when Yeezy got caught with his pants down… literally. 

We are gonna take you back through it ALL. 

Yeezy makes a song about Kim, meets the Kardashians and gets the stamp of approval over ice cream. 

Midday lunches, nights in New York, and roaming into events hand-in-hand, KimYe became a fixture. 

Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Kanye got caught with his pants down on a date. 

Kim does the walk of shame from Kanye’s apartment in the clothes she wore the day before.

Kanye’s open. He lets Kim push his whip and says that his new girl is “rare.” 

Kissy faces! KimYe stunt hard at the Lakers game. 

KimYe share a last smooch before Kim’s high fashion shoot with Vogue Magazine.

Kanye West brings Kim to the premiere of Cruel Summer.

Kanye West brings Kim and all their friends to Paris.

Lovers in Paris, Kim cops Yeezy a Lambo.

KimYe double dates with Jay-Z and Beyonce at the BET Awards.

Fashion shows and a very romantic time in the City of Lights.

Fooling around? Kim caught with her shirt out of place after getting out the car with Yeezy.

KimYe scream loud as can be at Magic Mountain.

KimYe go flying through the sky and Ye finally confirms “Perfect Bitch” is about Kim. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Play In Photo Booth.

KimYe cuddle on a yacht!

What she order? Fish Filet? KimYe visits McDonald’s.

Makeover! Kanye makes Kim throw out all her clothes.

KimYe cuddles before stopping by the Made In America Tour

Kanye buys Kim a cat so she knows it’s real. She names it Mercy.

Kanye West gets hit with sex tape allegations and steps out for the first time with full Kardashian support.

Kanye West returns from Fashion Week with gifts and shields Kim K from the rain.

Kanye West attacks paparazzi for asking about Reggie Bush.

Caught in the act! KimYe make out in Rome.

Kim puts Kanye West to bed!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walk the red carpet together for the very first time!

Kanye loves his blonde haired girlfriend, as Kim Kardashian dresses as a mermaid for Midori.

Kim is all over her Dark Knight during a Halloween Party with Yeezy.

KimYe kick it backstage at the EMAs.

Kanye and Kim caught making out after an episode of X-Factor.

KimYe goes to the Heat game, then she says goodbye to Mercy.

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