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The West Coast has been mashing consistently as of late. From Kendrick, Problemz, Nipsey, Glasses Malone and more, the heat hitting the blogosphere and airwaves has been hotter than down south Alabama in August. New production team League of Stars looks to capture some of that energy on their posse cut “Show Sumn.” The song features Malone, Problem, Jay Rock, Freddie Gibbs, Skeme and Bad Lucc. This isn’t quite the rap all-star squad from the West, but these cats would make a dope rookie team. “Show Sumn” is high energy and should be a riot starter from Seattle to San Diego.  


There is a new movement of hip-hop music emerging from the streets of New York. It’s not just the French Montana’s or the Papoose’s carrying the flag for hip-hops home anymore. Enter names like ASAP Rocky, Joey BadA$$, Flatbush Zombies and this dude Me-Lo-X. This new record “Live From East Flatbush” is a dope laid back track that gives you an incite into the movement. Probably won’t here this track much on your local radio and definitely not in the clubs. Doesn’t mean the music isn’t hot or that the movement is irrelevant. Stay tuned.  


Django Unchained is the name of the new Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino flick that is a western movie with all kinds of left field plots. From a slave being freed by a bounty hunter to his gun toting Mistress named Broomhilda, this movie is bananas like most Tarantino flicks. The soundtrack though should be masterful, as it features heavyweights like Rick Ross, John Legend and Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton. Hamilton and Boynton’s track “Freedom” appears to be the next leak off the album. It’s beautifully soulful record that only Hamilton’s magical voice could bring to life. Hopefully you’ll feel it too.

Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Freedom (2012)



Shout to my dude D Prosper. Last week I was at a holiday party for Dre Beats and the DJ played this heat rock “Atom Anthem.” The sample on this is so wavy. It reminds you of the early 2000’s track from The Wu Tang Clan, “Uzi.” D recruits wordsmith and nomadic MC Jay Electronica on this track. Jay Elec brings a bevy of clever metaphors inner-mixed with Five Percenter Knowledge of Self teachings. This will remind you a lot of Eric B & Rakim or early Gang Starr. It’s great track and don’t forget to peep Prosper’s 12.12.12 project that’s floating around the blogosphere.  


One of the hottest records that leaked last week was this new Young Jeezy “R.I.P.” track featuring 2 Chainz. This is that bass-heavy-riot-starting music that mainly makes it rotations around the Bay area. Word to DJ Mustard, the beat is super infectious and will no doubt be heard coming out of car stereos in a hood near you. Jeezy is looking to set himself up for a release in the spring or summer. “R.I.P” should keep it the cold winter hot in the clubs.

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