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Schools in Newtown, Connecticut are opening their doors again today for students; the first time since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre last week.

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Children riddled with survivors guilt, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or just plain nervous will walk into the place where they are supposed to be safe; a feeling Adam Lanza took away when he murdered 26 people for reasons unknown. Students will face age appropriate discussions today about what took place on Friday, says the school union.

With their sense of normalcy redefined into something terrifying, counselors will be on hand to help students make sense of their feelings. Schools have also bulked up security; more police officers are surveying the area to keep the students safe and to give peace of mind.

But the students from Sandy Hook Elementary won’t be making that transition just yet. Their school, where six adults and 20 children were shot and killed, is indefinitely a crime scene according to CNN:

It’s not clear when they’ll resume classes. But when they do it’ll be at a different school in neighboring Monroe, Connecticut.

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Newtown will also be burying two more victims from Friday’s shooting rampage. The town is trying to get back to “normal,” but with this new burden to carry and many funerals to come, it is sure to take a while.