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The Mayans said the world will implode on 12-21-2012. 

OK, they didn’t exactly say that, but since they made this really elaborate calendar by gazing at the stars high off juices, berries and herbs, people believe that all of a sudden the world will end tomorrow.  

We surely hope not, but the Mayans were smart. They pretty much invented writing, math, pyramids, calenders and all sorts of stuff. 

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So let’s say by some chance the world does indeed end tomorrow. There are a lot of things we need to do first. For instance, how many of y’all ever got a big booty ho for your birthday? Do we even know how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? I sure don’t. 

There are a bunch of things on our bucket list that we need to accomplish. Whether it’s partying till we fall while we are high on that molly water, or simply meeting our idols, we all have some ideas. 

We want to know what’s on your bucket list and to help you out, the GlobalGrind staff is sharing a few things on ours…Check it out! 

Rachel H – GlobalGrind’s Self Sufficient Style Editor: 

For starters, I am clearly going to spend half the last day on earth trying to find something to wear, while drinking a glass of wine (not champagne, that is for celebrations and this is clearly not time to celebrate).

I’d be doing all of this while obsessively checking my social media searching #apocalypse #endofworld to make sure that the world is indeed ending. By the time I actually unglue from doing all of the aforementioned (and maybe factor in a nap) the rapture will be in full swing. No panic.

Or I could do some cliché shit and clear out my savings, roll around in it and kiss my family goodbye. Depends on my mood.

Justin K. – GlobalGrind’s Social Media Master:

I would tell the girl I loved the most in my life that no one meant more to me than her. Then I would want to go to a massive party on the beach somewhere. Celebration of life! That’s what it’s all about.

Dimas S. – GlobalGrind’s Top Flight Music Writer: 

Threesome with two bad joints, while wearing one of those Givenchy shirts. Then I would write a book about said threesome. Since the world is ending, I would try some hard drugs, see what the big deal is about. Then recreate Kanye’s Bane look. Life complete. 

Christina C. GlobalGrind’s Pretty Perfect Political Editor: 

I would eat a hamburger. With bacon! I’ve been a vegetarian for years, but I do miss burgers. I would do that, tell stories, and look at old photos with family and friends.

Brittany L. GlobalGrind’s Big Shit-Talking Music Editor:

I would hit a secluded island with my closest friends and family, equipped with my own Hennessy bottle, and watch the sunset.

BlogXilla GlobalGrind’s Bigger Than Life Entertainment Editor: 

I would buy a bunch of junk food, and tell my daughters my unfiltered, uncensored story of my life. Every single detail, so they know who their daddy was and why I did the things I did. After I was done, I would ask the woman I love to marry me. Hopefully she’ll say yes and we can spend the rest of our life together being really silly and in love. Hopefully we’ll get to stay together in the after life too.  

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