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This morning at 9:30am, a bell rang out 26 times at various churches around Newtown to honor and remember those lives that were stolen away a week ago.

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Newtown, Conn. and Sandy Hook, still reeling from the shock of last week’s mass shooting, will have to bury more of their own today.

Seven-year-old Grace McDonnell was buried today at St. Rose of Lima Church, which has seen its share of Sandy Hook funerals in the past week. Grace was remembered as a happy, bright girl who loved to paint and hang out at the beach. 

St. Rose will also be the site for Olivia Engel’s funeral service. The 6-year-old loved to play soccer and tennis and her favorite team was the Yankees. 

Dylan Hockley’s memorial service at Walnut Hill Church will take place at the same time as Olivia’s. Sadly, Dylan was found dead in his teacher, Anne Marie Murphy’s, arms as she tried to shield him from the barrage of bullets. 

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Teacher Rachel D’Avino, whose boyfriend was going to propose to her on Christmas Eve, was also buried today, as was school psychologist Mary Sherlach, who had worked at the school since 1994.

As always, we keep Newtown in our prayers. May they rest in peace.