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In one of the strangest stories we’ve heard since last week’s heartbreaking massacre, a thief successfully stole a rifle from a store that sold a gun used in the Sandy Hook shootings.

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In short, Nancy Lanza, mother to gunman Adam Lanza, purchased one of her guns at Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor, Conn. While it’s not known exactly when she purchased the gun, there is some debate about how thorough the store is in selling the rifles responsibly…or keeping them responsibly.

Enter the thief. A thief who police say was planning on carrying out a massacre similar to Adam Lanza’s. A thief who has a history of mental illness.

Jordan Marsh, 26, was found with a 50-caliber AR-15 with a scope in his possession, which police say he stole on Saturday. But in a display of gross misconduct and neglect, the store failed to realize that Marsh had stolen from them before. Eleven times before.

Police said Riverview Gun Sales had no idea the AR-15 Marsh stole was missing. Management at the store didn’t know about 11 guns that Marsh had allegedly stolen last year until they were notified by detectives.

Inventory control issues at Riverview Gun Sales have occurred before. In 2007, state police raided a Somers home and found a bunch of stolen guns from the store.

Federal officials raided the store and took back the stolen weapons.

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But we’re still uneasy about the fact that one man stole 12 guns from the same store. The same store that sold a gun used in Sandy Hook. 

Talk about a bizarre, poetic, bittersweet coincidence. It’s good to know that there will be a crackdown on the store that sells these rifles (and fails to keep guns from being stolen), and an even better feeling to know that Marsh’s plan was thwarted. But to know that this store had a hand in the Sandy Hook shootings is both scary and disheartening. 

Right now, we’ll forget the latter and focus on the lives that were probably saved because of the federal officials.

SOURCE: Gawker

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