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Even in light of all the crime and bizarre homicides that have happened in New York City this year, NYPD data shows that the murder rate is on track to reach its lowest level in over half a century!

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The data shows that as of this last weekend in 2012, 414 people in NYC were victims of homicide; a nearly 19 percent drop from 2011 when a total of 515 people were murdered.

Officials are saying that by the time the ball drops in Times Square on December 31st, NYC will see the lowest murder rate since the early ’60s. Statistics show that the low murder rate could even rival the suicide rates in the city.

The murder rate this year is so low, it could happen that more people in NYC died of suicide this year, than of murder. For even more perspective: In 1990, 2,245 people were murdered in New York City.

That doesn’t mean crime in almost non-existent, however.

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Crime overall in 2012 is on pace to increase in all five boroughs in an uptick the city hasn’t seen in about 20 years, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

We’ll take what we can get. If there are less people dying, that means something is going right!

SOURCE: Huffington Post