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It’s 2013 and this year will be full of surprises. We’ll find new catchphrases to obsess over, you know, since we only have one life to live. 

We’ll find new things to do, since being ratchet has gone mainstream.

We will also find new celebrities to love. While 2012 made household names out of Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, and Lena Dunham, there are many more new stars-in-the-making for 2013. 

That’s the beautiful thing about the New Year. So who will be big in 2013? We think we have a good idea of a few faces who will be on the scene. 

The young Chloe Grace Moretz went from being Kick Ass to Carrie, and since she’s turning 16, this year we think things will be sweet for her. Michael B Jordan had one of the best movies of 2012, so what kind of Chronicles will he write this year? Then there’s Def Jam’s secret weapon, Elijah Blake. While you might not know of him or some of our other fresh faces now, by New Year’s Eve 2013, we got the idea these people are going to run pop culture. Let’s go! 

Harry Styles – In 2012 we learned all about One Direction, but in 2013, it’s going to be all about Harry Styles. Think Justin Timberlake when he started dating Britney Spears. Yeah, same thing. Thanks Taylor Swift’s new boo!

Elijah Blake – The next wave of great music coming from Def Jam. He just released an amazing mixtape called Bijoux 22, and has been quietly working with everyone from Rihanna and Cassie, to Bono.

Spoken Reasons – From YouTube to the big screen, our good friend Spoken Reasons is about to finally be the shit in 2013. He’s starring alongside Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the buddy action comedy The Heat.

Chloë Grace Moretz – She’s been on the scene for awhile, but as she gets ready to turn 16, Chloe is starring in the remake of Carrie, which is sure to be a instant hit if done right. Add in that she’s already slated to star in, or start filming, 9 movies in 2013, including Movie 43, Kick Ass 2 and more.

Tahiry – We all know reality TV was big in 2012, but in 2013, it’s planning to explode. We have our money on Tahiry to blow up. She’s the latest edition to Love & Hip-Hop New York, and her storyline is sure to leave you all extremely entertained.

Imogen Poots – She’s already completed her work alongside Andre 3000 in the Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side, and she’s slated to star alongside Christian Bale and Natalie Portman in Knights Of Cups, so at the very least, she’ll be on a lot of red carpets!

Hannah Simone – In 2012, we told you New Girl was that show to watch. Now after a successful debut and return, Hannah Simone is quickly becoming the highlight of this hilarious sitcom. In 2013, we need a whole lot more of Hannah Simone!

Rebel Wilson – 2013 is the year of the Rebel! The Bridesmaids star going to host the MTV Movie Awards, so her profile is already raised. And when you consider she’s starring in the new flick Pain & Gain starring The Rock and Mark Wahlberg, she’s already winning.

Dane DeHaanChronicle made a lot of top ten movie lists of 2012 and it was largely part of Dane DeHaan’s role in the flick. So it’s no surprise the work started pouring in, as he takes the role of Harry Osbourne in the next Amazing Spider-Man flick.

Michael B Jordan – Fresh off a pretty good year in 2012, during which he got people’s attention in Chronicle and Red Tails, Michael is all set to have a breakout year with two movies dropping in 2013. Check him out in Are We Officially Dating starring Zac Efron, and Fruitvale alongside Kevin Durand and Octavia Spencer.

Jhene Aiko – This beautiful singer is making moves in the industry. She dropped a few hits in 2012, but in 2013, we predict the sky’s the limit for Jhene. 

Zosia Mamet – With the return of Girls, Zosia is going to be a huge name in 2013. We expect the work to start pouring in for her for real if she decides to take time off from the show. With an Oscar nominated movie under her belt with The Kids Are Alright, don’t be surprised if Zosia makes more jumps to the big screen and gets an Emmy in her future.

Ashley Benson – While this Pretty Little Liar is already on a pretty popular show, she’s still not a household name. That should change this spring, when she stars alongside Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers. She also got her taste of the rumor mill last year when people thought she dumped her boyfriend, who just happens to be Justin Bieber’s swag coach, for James Franco. When rumors start to fly in your direction, that means you’re doing something right!