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2013 is so fresh that millions of people are still groggy with hangovers and can still taste the vodka on their breath, but while most of us are begrudging our ways back to our messy work desks, new artists are back on their grind trying to make 2013 theirs. 

NEW VIDEO: Jhene Aiko “Mirrors” 

It’s that time of year again, where some artists will slowly fade away and new artists will emerge.

GlobalGrind sat down and created a list of 13 artists who have been increasingly on our radar over the past few months; those who we think will be 2013’s fresh faces in music.

From R&B songstress and new Def Jam signee, Jhene Aiko, who opened for Nas and Lauryn Hill this year, to sister pop group, Haim, who are finding their way on everyone’s playlist – we got ’em all. 

NEW VIDEO: Angel Haze “Gossip Folks” 

2013 also marks the year for hip-hop’s right hand men to make their mark in music.

A$AP Rocky’s partner-in-crime, A$AP Ferg, will most definitely have a shot to blow this year, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s brother from another mother, ScHoolBoy Q

There were a handful of hopefuls who were mentioned, but only 13 made the cut. 

Check out the 13 artists we think you should watch out for in 2013 below!

Jhene Aiko 

Genre: R&B

Reasons Why: Jhene Aiko got her second chance at stardom when she released her acclaimed mixtape, Sailing Soul (S). Once signed to Chris Stokes and Marques Houston’s label, the “Mirrors” songstress eventually got out of that deal and took time off to pen a new project, landing her a new deal with Def Jam. With the release of recent ballads like “3:16am,” “Mirrors,” and the very personal song “For My Brother,” Jhene has gotten the opportunity to tour with Nas and Lauryn Hill, making her R&B’s next big starlet. 

Must-Listen Song: “Stranger”

Angel Haze

Genre: Hip-Hop

Reasons Why: Angel Haze’s tumultuous life story seems close to a drama-filled book, but the “Gossip Folks” rapper has managed to channel her frustration with life through her music, basically making her the perfect storyteller. Unlike most femcees, Angel Haze strays away from using her sexuality as a catalyst in the overly saturated man’s world of hip-hop, which christens her with the title of a femcee breath of fresh air. 

Must-Listen Song: “Cleaning Out My Closet” 

Phlo Finister

Genre: R&B

Reasons Why: Phlo Finister initially caught our attention last year when we got wind of her Crown Gold EP. Her impeccable style, melodic voice, ear for melody, and respect for the past make her one of those artists you’ll instantly love. GlobalGrind watched her closely over the past year, and realized that the Raider Klan-affiliated singer will definitely have a shot at the crown this year. 

Must-Listen Song: “Hotel Miami” 


Genre: Pop

Reasons Why: Two questions: Who doesn’t love girl groups and who doesn’t love sisters who sing together? The answer is no one. Haim is everything they’re cracked up to be. Sounding like a mash-up of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks meets En Vogue and receiving multiple co-signs by Katy Perry and rapper Azealia Bank basically make Haim the sh*t, and the reason you should be downloading them before you finish reading this article. 

Must-Listen Song: “Forever”

Charli XCX

Genre: Pop

Reasons Why: 2013’s most infectious songwriter will probably have to go to Charli XCX. Every song this UK singer/songwriter pens will have you humming in the work place. Most people in the States haven’t gotten wind of the “Cloud Aura” singer, but she’s been causing quite a fuss in the UK. After releasing her EP, You’re The One, in the summer of 2012, it’s very clear that 2013 will be Charli’s year. 

Must-Listen Song: “Cloud Aura”

Elijah Blake

Genre: R&B 

Reasons Why: Elijah Blake has penned tracks for Usher, Keyshia Cole, and appeared on Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t Banger “Presidential.” The R&B singer recently inked a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and released a must-listen eight-track EP, Bijoux 22. 

Must-Listen Song: “Looking For Perfect” 

A$AP Ferg

Genre: Hip-Hop

Reasons Why: The A$AP Mob’s second most valuable player would probably have to go to A$AP Ferg. After his right hand man, A$AP Rocky, had a pretty awesome year, it seems only logical that Ferg’s year would be 2013. After releasing hits like “Work” and “A Hundred Million Roses,” Ferg and Rocky will continue to rise together this year. 

Must-Listen Song: “Work”

Trinidad Jame$

Genre: Hip-Hop 

Reasons Why: Despite being the current most polarizing figure in hip-hop, Trinidad Jame$ is here to stay (for now at least). After inking a rumored $2 million deal with Def Jam when his smash hit “All Gold Everything” propelled him into the stereos of millions, 2013 seems to be the year this Atlanta rapper will have to put up or shut up. 

Must-Listen Song: “All Gold Everything” 

Jessie Ware

Genre: Soul/Pop

Reasons Why: Just when people started thinking the UK invasion was beginning to wear off, singer Jessie Ware pops into the picture. The English singer released her album, Devotion, in the UK this past summer, but has been gaining traction in the U.S. over the past few months. With songs like “Wildest Moments” finding its way into the hearts of millions, Jessie decided to debut her talents in the U.S. back in December. Although her album Devotion landed her with a top 10 debut on the UK charts, the soulful singer will try her hand at the U.S. charts when she releases her album here in 2013. 

Must-Listen Song: “Wildest Moments”  

ScHoolBoy Q

Genre: Hip-Hop 

Reasons Why: Last year was a great year for ScHoolBoy Q and his TDE family. ScHoolBoy independently released his Habits & Contradictions project, which proved to be a solid collection of work for the “Hands On The Wheel” rapper. He’s also garnered himself the honors as the Black Hippy Crew’s most charismatic and funny member. It isn’t all sh*ts and giggles for the Cali rapper, he’s actually a lyrical beast who’s been touring with A$AP Rocky and Detroit rapper Danny Brown. With the success of his “brother,” Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, it’s only expected that ScHoolBoy will deliver a debut album of the same caliber. 

Must-Listen Song: “Druggys With Hoes Again” 

Joey Bada$$

Genre: Hip-Hop 

Reasons Why: Joey Bada$$ may only be 17 years old, but he has the soul of a rapper far beyond his years. The Brooklyn rapper released his 1999 EP, and to the liking of hip-hop heads, Joey delivered a well thought out collection. With rumors swirling around a possible Roc Nation deal, Joey Bada$$ is one of those artists who will emerge on the radar of many in the upcoming months. 

Must-Listen Song: “Survival Tactics

Bei Maejor

Genre: R&B/Pop 

Reasons Why: Detroit-born singer/songwriter/producer Bei Maejor has penned tracks for every artist from Justin Bieber and Ke$ha, to Trey Songz and Drake. The Upscale singer caught the attention of many when he teamed up with rapper J.Cole for his catchy track “Trouble.” Since then, Bei Maejor produced two tracks on Justin Bieber’s Believe album, as well as worked on his own debut album. 

Must-Listen Song: “Mesmerized” 

Teyana Taylor

Genre: R&B 

Reasons Why: It seems like Teyana Taylor has been around forever, and she has, but there’s something different about this year. The barely 22-year-old singer/songwriter/choreographer/rapper/actress released a very personal mixtape, The Misunderstanding Of Teyana Taylor this year, as well as appeared on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music compilation album, Cruel Summer.

With her input on Cruel Summer, it’s clear that Teyana can hang with the big dogs, fashion-wise and musically. Although many deem her time as being “up,” we think 2013 will be Teyana’s year to shine. 

Must-Listen Song: “D.U.I.” 

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