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They say there’s nothing like the relationship between a pet and its master, and we’d have to agree! 

Cats, dogs, and even reptiles are just like people in that they have lots of love to give, and aren’t afraid to make sure they get it back! 

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Celebrities might be busy with hectic schedules, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to show some of that love to their favorite animals.

Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover, since she recently got another puppy named Bean, and she isn’t alone in her obsession.

Paris Hilton made her Chihuahua Tinkerbell famous as she carried her around everywhere she went.

Even Chris Brown has a heart that beats forever for his precious puppy Diamond, who has been with him since his career started.

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There’s nothing that can break the bond between a man and his dog, or even a lady and her cat!

Check out the gallery to see some celebrities with their pets.

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