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Admit it, some of us thought Nicki Minaj’s star power began to fizzle when she signed on to American Idol, but apparently the break from her traditional hip-hop scenery is proving to be quite lucrative for the Barb.

Following a multitude of beauty collaborations – including her own fragrance and two lipsticks with MAC cosmetics – Nicki Minaj is stepping her cookies up and carrying her brand into the home. 

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According to reports, Nicki Minaj will be debuting a line of homeware in conjunction with two new lines of fashion and accessories for a mass retailer along the lines of Kmart, Walmart or Target, just in time for holiday season this year. 

While we can predict that Nicki’s home line will be far from the fun basics of Martha Stewart, we can already predict that a Minaj branded anything will feature a lot of pink, a lot of glitter, and a lot of everything that is over the top. But when it comes to home decor, there are just a few things we have minimal interest in bearing witness to. 

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So in the realm of her newest good news, we want to give Nicki a few pointers on 5 things we do NOT want to see with her new houseware line: 

1. No wig-inspired throw pillows. We know Nicki loves her Technicolor wigs, and so do we, but we just don’t think they would translate well into throw pillows or shag rugs. 

2. No booty-inspired vases, plates, photos, glasses, nothing. Except bed sheets, we may take booty-inspired bed sheets…maybe. 

3. Nothing that looks remotely like Lil Wayne, can remind anyone of Lil Wayne, or even evoke a feeling of Lil Wayne’s presence. 

4. Nothing that emulates anything that has once decorated the Young Money Mansion.

5. And finally, no Pink-Friday-esque items shaped after her busty physique. It was cool for the perfume, but may not translate well in any other realm. 

Best of luck to Nicki on her new conquest! 

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