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It’s only the second week of January and statistics provided by NBC Chicago paint a grim picture of what’s expected of Chicago’s crime rate in 2013.

DETAILS: Murder Capital Of America: New Year Brings Violent First Saturday In Chicago

According to Gawker:

In the first six days of this year, 12 people were murdered in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. That’s two ahead of last year’s six-day total. And at two a day, it puts us on a pace for 730 this year, which would be our highest total since 1997.

While that number is an estimate, it is also suggested that it stands to rise during the summer months when murder rates tend to increase.

Last year the city experienced over 500 homicides.

Gawker also compiled a list of the 12 murder victims from the first eight days of January, including rapper Chief Keef’s stepbrother, who was murdered earlier this week:

  • Octavius Lamb, 20
  • Kevin Jemison, 29
  • Devonta Grisson, 19
  • Myron Brown, 30
  • Ulysses Gissendanner, 19
  • Michael Kozel, 57
  • Taison Moore, 33
  • Angela Welch, 55
  • Unknown victim
  • David Kartzmark, 25
  • Marcus Turner, 19
  • Lavonshay Cooper, 22

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Wow, those statistics really put things in perspective. We’ve got to curb this violence somehow.

SOURCE: Gawker