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Police and fire fighters responded to a five-alarm blaze in Manhattan around 6:45pm last night that left one dead.

45-year-old Wei Chu Wu has been accused of setting fire to a five-story building following an argument with the mother of his child. The suspect also tried to prevent first responders from entering the building, which is located on Spring Street in SoHo, according to police. It took nearly 200 firefighters more than two hours to control the flames.

Firefighters discovered a body on a third-floor fire escape of the building; they were unable to identify the victim. The suspect grew aggravated and assaulted a police officer and a firefighter, leaving the police officer with a broken hand, according to officials.

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Wu is currently in custody and is being charged with first-degree arson, second-degree murder, second-degree assault on a police officer and firefighter and resisting arrest. Officials stated the suspect suffered only minor bruises during the scuffle and that the mother and child were not hurt.

We applaud the first responders for handling the situation and being able to quickly control the suspect!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Photo credit: Associated Press