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Lena Dunham cleaned house at this year’s Golden Globe Awards for her hit HBO series, GIRLS, and now the actress and writer is gaining magazine cover after magazine cover, her latest being the famed Interview magazine, founded by Andy Warhol!

It seems as if the mags have a penchant for shooting the beauty in black and white and this shoot was no exception. 

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In the corresponding interview, Lena talks about everything from the interviewer, actress Miranda July’s baby, to being in love with her boyfriend Jack, guitarist for the band fun. 

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Check out some excerpts from the interview below: 

On her boyfriend:

“It’s Jack Antonoff [musician and guitarist for the band fun]. I know there’s some rule that you’re not supposed to talk about your boyfriend publicly just because it seems like all starlets under the age of 33 have decided not to do that, but if you’re in love with someone great, then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell everybody.”

On love:

“I mean, I’ve always been a big ‘I love you’– sayer and stuff. But then I worry. Jack once overheard me calling someone else ‘baby bug,’ or some stupid name that I’ve called him before. I was like, ‘What if he now thinks I’m just a big disingenuous piece of crap?’ That kind of thing gives me anxiety because I want everyone I love to know how much I love them.”

On growing up:

“I didn’t feel like the other kids got me, but then I was also sort of bored and annoyed by them, so I knew that a large part of it was my problem. I actually had to switch schools because I didn’t have friends.”

Look who’s laughing while seated at the Golden Globes now! Check out Lena’s full interview over at Interview Magazine and the photos in the gallery above. 

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