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A small Wisconsin town is facing criticism, as news of a gun show at one of their elementary schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings will proceed in spite of controversy.

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Spooner Elementary School has served as the Indianhead Rifle & Pistol Club gun show venue for the last two decades, but now that gun-control laws are front and center in the news, and school shootings hit a nerve in the nation, some are calling the show insensitive.

The Spooner Area School Board will reportedly meet Monday to discuss the venue of this year’s show, which is slated for mid-April. Three board members oppose holding the event at Spooner Elementary, three support keeping it there and one remains undecided, according to ThinkProgress.

Some think that the need to discuss the decision is unnecessary. Tim Brabec, a member of the club and organizer of the show, told Think Progress that the decision on the venue is long standing and convenient.

“Who doesn’t have sympathy with the families in [Connecticut]?” said Brabec when asked about whether the visual of a gun show at an elementary school was appropriate so soon after the deadly shooting in Newtown. “But we don’t associate one with the other. We don’t go there for the shock value.”

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Others argue that the gun show brings revenue to the town. Economically better or not, do you think it’s too soon to go on with the show?

SOURCE: Think Progress