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At Wednesday’s press conference to announce a comprehensive plan to combat gun violence, President Obama mentioned the children that wrote letters urging him to make the gun violence stop.

VIDEO: The Time Is NOW! Obama Announces Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions 

Standing in front of the four students who handwrote him letters, Obama said he would honor the families and victims from Newtown, Conn. and other mass shootings by doing what he could to make sure it never happened again.

He then gestured to the crowd of students behind him, saying that they were an unexpected influence.

But we also heard from some unexpected people, in particular I started getting a lot of letters from kids. Four of them are here today, Grant Fritz, Julia Stokes, Ini Zeha, and Teja Goode. They’re pretty representative of some of the messages I got. These are some pretty smart letters from some pretty smart young people.

He then proceeded to read some of the letters the students wrote to him:

Hinna, a third-grader — you can go ahead and wave Hinna, that’s you. Hinna wrote, “I feel terrible for the parents who lost their children. I love my country, and I want everybody to be happy, and safe.”

And then Grant, go ahead and wave Grant, Grant said, “I think there should be some changes. We should learn from what happened at Sandy Hook. I feel really bad.” And then Julia said — Julia, where are you? There you go. “I’m not scared for my safety, I’m scared for others. I have four brothers and sisters, and I know I would not be able to bear the thought of losing any of them.” And these are our kids. This is what they’re thinking about.

It was a heartening moment before the President announced his 23 executive orders to reduce gun violence. But what is even more of a tearjerker are the actual copies of the letters.

Buzzfeed obtained some of those letters, seen here:

Taejah, age 10, Georgia

Julia, age 11, Washington

Grant, age 8, Maryland

Now if that doesn’t want you to help change the gun laws that are harming our children, we don’t know what to tell you.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | Washington Post

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