Just when we thought we’ve seen it all from Rihanna, she let a little bit more out of the vault. 

Earlier this week, Complex magazine revealed their very sexy 7 cover photo shoot with the certified bad gal herself, and even a video of Rihanna demonstrating how to shoot the perfect selfie! But the information keeps on rolling out to please the masses who just can’t get enough of the Bajan beauty. 

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The magazine released the remainder of the interview with Rihanna, and it made it clear that the beauty is just concerned with one intangible thing: Love. 

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Check out the excerpts from the interview below: 

You said “Diamonds” was your favorite record since “Umbrella.” What made it take that number one spot for you?

The way it made me feel. It was so inspiring and uplifting. It was giving me hope, that song. And I was like, “You know what? I’m tired of angry love songs.” Love doesn’t always have to be about breakups and “Fuck you,” and you know, “I hate you,” and “We’re never going to be together again.” It could be sweet. It could be, “Hell yeah! We’re diamonds!” Like, don’t let nobody tell you any different.

I want people to think like that, because, you know, the government even wants to tell people how to love. And I was really tired of that, you know? That just doesn’t make any sense.

Do you like singing about love the most?

I think love is one of the purest things you can sing about. One of the best things you can sing about. But I like songs that are quirky too, like “S&M.” I like fun records as well, but love is—there’s nothing wrong with it. It’ll never get old.

What are you numb to?

To the world, to opinions that don’t matter, you know? People that don’t hold any value in your life. That. I’m numb to that, because that’s none of their business.

What are you trying to say with the record “Half of Me”? 

It basically meant that people assume, and they think they know based off of whatever records, or whatever the media feeds to them. It’s pretty much saying that’s all you have, and that’s not even really the half of it. People take the little bit of information that they’re fed, and they draw a picture of who you are. And most of the time it’s wrong.

That is just a reminder that Rihanna will continue giving zero phucks about the public’s opinion. Head over to Complex to read all of the outtakes. 

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