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The defense lawyer for one of the two Ohio high school football players accused of rape is causing outrage again, as he is urging the judge to refer to the “victim” as an “accuser.”

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Walter Madison first stirred up controversy when he claimed that the 16-year-old victim consented to sex with Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays. 

According to papers that were filed on Friday in Steubenville, Madison asked Judge Thomas Lipps to order all parties to refer to the teen girl as an “accuser.”

“The ultimate question in this case is whether a crime was committed. Only after any such determination can a person be declared a victim,” Madison wrote.

Madison then claimed that calling the girl a victim before the trial will create prejudice against his client. 

His request has drawn criticism from the Executive Director of Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Katie Hanna.

“It undermines the credibility of the victim and places responsibility on the victim instead of the offender,” she told the MailOnline.

Hanna added that under Ohio law, a victim can be identified as anyone who is listed as such in a police report or other formal document.

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While Trent Mays’ defense has remained mum regarding the horrific ordeal, his attorney has come out to request that the trial’s schedule start date be moved from next month to another time. Brian Duncan also filed papers asking for a change in venue for the safety of his client.

Considering the evidence, do you think Madison is going a bit far asking for the victim of the alleged crime to be called an “accuser?”

SOURCE: Daily Mail