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It’s not everyday that, in the span of a year, someone goes from living in his or her grandmamma’s house to having a multimillion deal.

It’s the rap American dream, and for the last year, Chicago rapper Chief Keef has been living it.

DETAILS: FINALLY REALLY RICH! Chief Keef’s Deal Worth $6 Million 

Around this time last year, Sosa was still just a local legend, a 16-year-old street kid who couldn’t keep himself out of trouble with the law.  

Now a year later, he’s sort of a rap legend, a 17-year-old street kid who still can’t keep himself out of trouble. 

He also has a debut album — Finally Rich, which dropped in December.

MUISC: Chief Keef & Dro “I Got Cash” 

Finally Rich is a beautiful title, because holy f*ck, is this kid loaded.

According to documents DNA received yesterday, the rapper signed a $6 million dollar contract with Interscope.

That’s a lotta moolah, people.

Just to clear things up: he hasn’t seen $6 milli yet — that’s what he could see if finishes up his 3 album contract with Jimmy and those nice folks at Interscope.

The bigger point is that he’s rich and he’s been BMFing around town. How do we know?

He has an Instagram.

To figure out what Keef’s been doing with all his bread over the last couple of months, we looked through his Instagram, where everything is documented.

Scroll down and check it out. 

We’re pretty sure his P.O. doesn’t approve, but he’s been spending it on pot and other delicious narcotics (that are perfectly legal, we’re sure.) 

He’s been swimming in his cash, similar to Uncle Scrooge and his “daily money swim.”

He’s been buying the newspapers, keeping up with current events. 

He’s been prepping himself for those cold Chicago winters. 

He done moved on uppp, (moved on up!) to the eaaast side…

He uses his money as a celly, to make big power moves, B. 

He spends his money on the nice, respectable ladies who work as the strippas. 

He uses his money to cop a new Ferrari. Sosa go VROOOOOOM! 

He uses his bread to stay on his only-Lean-Pockets Sosa diet.

He’s been using his money to try new things! 

He’s been using his money to spoil his lil princess, Kay Kay. 3HUNNA!

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