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Honestly the West Coast is where hip-hop is flourishing right now. IAMSU! is one of just the many new talented MC from the West Coast that is making crazy noise. Peep this crazy new track “I Be On That” which features Dave Steezy. The beat is an incredibly funky take on Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do” and yet so smooth like summertime sipping Malibu’s in Malibu. IAMSU! opens the song like: ” You Know I’m Sippin’ on Fiji, I’m everyday geechie. Pitching the game like I’m Ichee-ro”…(In my Piers Morgan voice) Brilliant! “I Be On That” is definitely what you should be on this weekend when you’re riding out.


Like I said, West Coast hip-hop is hotter than a Cali forest fire. But like Houston in January, it’s always hot in the South. This new Ca$h Out record “Exclusive,” featuring B.o.B is in one word addictive. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of Ca$h’s first record “Ca$hin Out.” But any MC who rhymes “my money get old, call me Fred Sanford” and “I’m the shit, put me in pampers” I’m sold. With or without the Huggies, Ca$h and B.o.B are talking more shit than a little. This has all the ingredients to be another smash for Ca$h: a dope beat, catchy hook and ingenious wordplay.


You know I love the ladies, especially the new female MCs like Azealia Banks, Chin Chilla Meek, Angel Haze or Raven Sorvino. But don’t sleep on Eve and this “She Bad Bad (Remix) featuring Pusha T and Juicy J. I heard this rockin’ in more than just a few parties this week. Juicy and Pusha are both at the top of their games and even after a hiatus, Eve hasn’t skipped a verse either. Be on the look out for her album dropping in the spring.


These times we’re living in are turbulent but memorable. The kid Tayyib Ali from Philly dropped a new joint this week, “Way Back When,” that should earn him more mainstream fans. The talented MC Ali takes you on a journey through his 22 years of life coming up in the City of Brotherly Love, hanging with his peoples and maintaining life. For added flavor he adds the equally talented Cisco Adler on a verse. The title to the song fits the current time capsule called life we’re living in. Five years from now we will remember “Way Back When.”


Things are frosty outside in NYC, but with the legendary hip-hop group Mobb Deep, it’s like 100 feet of solid ice. When you listen to this new record Tell It To My Face you can judge for yourself who Havoc is talking to. Whatever the case may be, the beat is that classic grimy Havoc sound and he add Royce da 5’9 on a verse for good measure. The wordplay is full of gems wrapped up in a message. From the chorus to the verse, its real hip-hop shit not for the faint at heart.

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