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Who doesn’t like listening to Chief Keef‘s “Love Sosa?”

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The song is so dope that some artists can’t help but jump on the beat and do a freestyle to it. And Lil B is no exception!

While the Based God never says the words “B*tches Love Based God” anywhere in his freestyle, called “Can’t F*ck My B*tch,” the California native boastfully lets it be known that he gets the type of b*tches that his haters basically would dream about, and how he has so many of these b*tches that he might eventually suffer from a concussion!

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Even though Lil B released an album entitled I’m Gay back in 2011, his lyrics in this song definitely prove otherwise.

“Can’t F*ck My B*tch” is off his upcoming Pink Flame mixtape.

Check it out above!