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When it comes to rapper Joe Budden, the man has fans for all sorts of different reasons.

Whether it has to do with who he’s dating and the lovey-dovey photos he posts on Instagram, or the raw lyrics and truth he spits in his music, fans go hard for the Budden train.

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On this season of Love & Hip-Hop, the “More Of Me” rapper is giving his fans a different look into his wild life of love and music.

While he’s currently dating the beautiful Kaylin Garcia, the show still centers around his friendship with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry José and the trouble that comes along with it.

Even after battling a drug addiction, Joe still has battles to fight with men and women on-screen and even on Twitter; always keeping the fans glued to their screens.

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We recently got to talk with Joe, and he gave us the scoop on the first episode of the season, his past Twitter beefs, and making diss records.

Check out his interview below!

Being that you always say you guys are the real inspiration for Love & Hip-Hop, how was it to finally see the Joe Budden & Tahiry show? Did it remind you of the old YouTube days?

[Laughs] Yes and no, yes and no. Me and Tahiry did so many of those YouTube clips that any time me and her are in front of a camera it’s gonna be reminiscent of that for me. No, because it’s a different capacity. We’re not together. We’re not intimate. So, while she’s the same, I’m not. 

You were looking like a pimp for a minute. There were the rumors that you were sleeping with Raqi and then you had Tahiry and wanted to rekindle that friendship. Was that something that was planned or is that just how it came off?

Eh, it probably just came off that way. Am I the only person that it doesn’t seem that way to??! 

Then you got your girlfriend in the background. So, all these girls that Joey was with… 

Wait, wait, wait. I’ve never been with Raqi at all. Me and Tahiry haven’t been an item in about three years. I’m always with my baby Kaylin, so I don’t see where the pimping is at all. 

That’s what Tahiry thought. 

Tahiry thinks that I fucked every girl that I know. Let’s be perfectly clear on that. That’s 1. I just think it’s funny that somebody who’s so well-documented in his relationship can come off like a pimp.

Speaking of that, you two were on all the blogs. What was it like when she stepped out in that outfit? How did that make you feel?

She looked amazing. She looked great. It’s always feels good to look at your significant other and be proud. It was a proud moment for me. I could care less what I wore – I could’ve been there in sweatpants. I always feel like your significant other speaks for you, so if I could go butt ass naked, I feel like she represented us both very well.

Are you afraid to come off like Stevie J in this? He does have a stigma now from after the show. Are you afraid you may have some of that affect? 

Nah! Not to say that that’s not an option, but Stevie J was fucking two women at the same time. I’m not doing that. Even if it comes off like that, it certainly won’t be from my doing. I just try to be honest with everybody and that’s it.

So you went into this just being Regular Joe?

Yup! Pretty much… that camera didn’t change a fucking thing about me! [laughs]

I think that’s why your stories are registering so much for people; what you see is what you get with the two of you. 

Yea, I agree with that, because Tahiry’s pretty much an open book. Well, a halfway open book. Her book’s halfway open in comparison to me. I really don’t give a fuck, she maybe has to still work on not giving a fuck a little bit. It is resonating. I’ve been reading, I’ve been seeing – people are definitely talking.

You used to date Ester Baxter, there was a rumor about her sleeping with Bow Wow. Do you think that’s true?

It’s her pussy. She can sleep with whoever she wants to. [laughs] I try not to care about the things that have absolutely no meaning in my life at all and Esther would be on that list.

Do you think Love & Hip-Hop is going to help the album?

I’m not really sure. I’ve never done reality TV, so I’m not really certain what effect it will have on it, on my life, or my music, or my success, or my lack of success. I’m not really sure, but I welcome it.

Speaking of music, I talked to Tahiry earlier today and she said she’s in the studio. Have you heard any of her new music?

I heard some of it.

What do you think? How do you rate it? 

It was cool. I mean for somebody who’s never done music before in their life, what more could you expect to come out? It was cool.

I asked her if she had any diss records for you. She said no, she wouldn’t dare do that because she’s seen you literally eat up people within 24 hours. If she got into any rap beef, would you help her out with a verse or two?

She would fight the person. She wouldn’t do it like that. She would look for the person and she would fight the person.

As a battle rapper, do you have diss records on deck?

No, you gotta write them as you go. My diss records are always personal. Personal diss records make for the best diss records ever. I can’t just have them on deck. I have to know who I’m talking to and who I’m talking about so I can go get my information and tear their ass up!

Not to put this on you – but I would love a new Joe Budden diss record, some more beef with Joe Budden. 

Well I love it. I’m competitive so I love those. It’s just in my nature. I wish no ill will toward any of my peers but I don’t know, maybe I’m recognized as being pretty good at this rap shit now and people just tend to leave me alone. It would have to be worth it ‘cause I’m extremely busy today. It would have to be worth me stopping what I’m doing and responding to some bullshit.

I think the last two diss records toward you were bullshit.

It’s funny, still to this day on Twitter… every single day, if you search my name there’s somebody saying Lil’ B ended Joe Budden. So it’s comical to me, but I would never respond to either one of those brothers. No offense to them, I just wouldn’t.

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